La Poterie du Soleil

A 200 mètres du centre du village, sur la route de Draguignan 

Sébastien et Christian Ziegler proposent une belle gamme de poteries provençales traditionnelles, mais également de superbes grès, dont certains sont cuits dans le four à bois construit par Sébastien, et adjacent à la poterie.


Alain VAGH Ceramics

Alain Vagh, whilst preserving the fundamentals of traditional fired earth production, adds a note of fun and individualism with, for example, his “les petits paves” (cobblestones) and little trapezes which climb and turn and wave, forming suns that intersect and intertwine with joy.

He also creates printed tiles in relief, unusual and full of humour and colour.


Séverine CUISSET 

1474 RD 560  

Quartier Les Cadenières       

06 76 76 56 61

Ceramics jewellery GUM

Jewellery exclusively in ceramic in a boutique in the old village, on the little place behind the clocktower entrance to the village.

Each gem is handmade and decorated in minute detail.

Each item in this collection is a treasure that can be worn with pleasure.


Enter the old village and Gum's shop is just in front of you.

Guillaume GOISQUE -


A little school of pottery-on-the-wheel

A little school where it is possible to learn how to improve in the art of the potters’ wheel – ceramic technology.

By appointment.

English speakers welcome

Aurélie MOURET

Aurélie MOURET

Atelier : 2 bis rue de France

Vieux village

06 14 52 89 64




Atelier / Galerie

Rue de la basse fontaine

06 13 83 52 99